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Apache HTTP Server (Windows) 1.3.28

   This is the Windows 32-bit build of Apache HTTP Server. Please note that at this time, Windows support is entirely experimental, and the program is recommended only for experienced users. The Apache Group does not guarantee that this software will work as documented, or even at all. Apache on NT has not yet been optimized for performance--Apache still performs best and is most reliable on Unix platforms. However, Apache 1.3.6 is designed to run on Windows NT 4.0. (Note that the binary installer will only work with Intel processors.) Apache may also run on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 3.5.1, but these have not been tested. In all cases TCP/IP networking must be installed. If you run this on Windows 95, the Winsock2 upgrade is recommended but may not be necessary. If you run it on NT 4.0, installing Service Pack 2 is recommended.

Download link:
Size: 5.34 MB
License: Freeware
Price: 0
Category: Web Development / Servers
Operating System: 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP
Developer: The Apache Project

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